Trampoline Class  

Trampoline Class

Trampoline Class Times

Beginner Tramp Class: Tuesday 4:00 – Thursday 4:00 – Thursday 5:00

Intermediate Tramp Class: Friday 4:00

Free Tramp Class: Wednesday 5:00

In tramp class participants will learn various trampoline skills such as kabooms, kodys, trampwall skills, doubles, front flips, backflips, and a plethora of other tramp skills. Our coaches are trained on proper spotting techniques. These classes are perfect for cheer groups or gymnasts training for routines and performances.

You can sign up by visiting the front desk or call in at (435) 268-2327

Coached by Ryan Bean and Jacob Sorensen

New to Parkour? Try Our Free Class!

During the free class we go over the parkour basics and essentials. These movements include swings, landings, falls, jumping techniques, climbing techniques, vaults, spins, and flips.  We also teach strength and flexibility training. All around fitness, balance, hand eye coordination, and air awareness can be achieved through attending parkour classes.

To Reserve your spot in the Free class please call 435-268-2327