Stoic Movement

Salt Lake City

Plan & Proposal?

Dear Investor

First off, thank you for your interest in Stoic Parkour Academy. This proposal is designed to give you a clear idea of how Stoic Parkour Academy started, where we’ve been, and where we want to go in the coming years. It’s important to know that our team is fueled by passionate athletes, owners, and employee’s. We have not just built a gym in St. George, we have created a thriving culture, full of children and young adults that have found what they call home. ?

Our Mission Statement:

“We at Stoic Parkour Academy aim to positively effect the community through providing an environment for individuals who want to enjoy extreme sports in a safe and comfortable environment.
We believe that training to overcome obstacles in the gym will help build the mental fortitude necessary to overcome obstacles in every day life.
We are happy to provide an outlet that enables people to be healthy through active recreation.

The Vision

To strategically place a facility in Central Salt Lake City and provide our value to the countless communities that are looking for it. We want to beat our 2 competitors in every way. Price, Environment, Location, Quality, Customer Service, and Culture.

The Problem

  • Closest similar locations are over a 45 min drive from central Salt Lake.
  • Classes & curriculum are lacking. Open Gym business model facilities do not offer quality classes & curriculum. Parents highly value these things. The majority of our income comes from our classes & programs.
  • Countless communities have no where to train their craft.

The Opportunity

Our gym in St. George is healthy and growing. We have over 10x the population density in Salt Lake City than we do in St. George.

Stoic One: 8,777 vists in the past year. $15 Average visit value.?

Stoic Two: (10x the population) = 87,700 vistits annually. $15 Average visit value.

Our Solution

We are more intune with our community and market segment than our competitors. Our business is fueled by passionate athletes that are apart and inside the community. Most gym owners are businessmen that simply have money and power to build open gym model facilities. As we have done in St. George and plan to do in Salt Lake we want to provide various classes and programs in a convinent location at a competitve price.?


Our Business Model

Stoic has three different types of revenue.