Programs & Classes

Free Parkour Class Every Friday, 3:00PM


Parkour Essentials

This is the most basic parkour class Stoic offers. Jump into the Parkour Essentials class and start your journey as a parkour athlete. Students learn basic vaults, jumps, recovery rolls, an more.


Intermediate Parkour

In this class students have taken the Essentials class and passed off the skills required to level up to Intermediate. In this class we move on to more advanced flips, vaults, and acrobatic movements.?


Advanced Parkour

The Advanced parkour class goes over high level difficulty skills and puts the confidence, strength, and flexibility of the student to the test. Students must pass of both Essential and Intermdiate levels.?


Trampoline Class

This class is taught only on the trampoline. In this class students learn air awareness, trampwall, and Olympic trampoline skills. These skills include everything a plethora of traditional and modern trampoline skills.?

Open Gym

Open Gym is a supervised open session where participants have full access to all of the equipment in the facility. Anyone 6+ is welcome to join Open Gym regardless of their skill level. Open Gym memberships are available.?

Free Parkour Class

Stoic Parkour offers a free parkour class every Week. The free parkour class is used to determinte where a students skill level sits as well as give participants the opportunity to try parkour before signing up in classes.

Homeschool Program

This is a special program Stoic made specifically for homeschool students. Participants must be actively enrolled in a homeschool program. This program is 90 minutes. 45 minutes of coaching and 45 minutes of free time.