Dear Stoic Parkour Academy Family, 


It has been an amazing 5 years in business. We brought something to St. George that wasn’t here before. We have been a positive outlet for our young ones and a place for people to safely explore their physical limits. Having Stoic Parkour Academy has been an immensely positive experience overall. It is a bittersweet feeling to be at this point in our journey. It is time to close our doors for good. November 5th will be our final day open. We will miss all of our students and all of the faces we’ve grown familiar with over the years. 

Weekly Special Events

We are going to be doing a special event every weekend between now and when we close, and for all of you who are going to miss Stoic Parkour Academy, we are offering what I think is our best deal ever: unlimited open gym for $55, unlimited special events for $40 (for our weekend events) or bundle them for $80. 

Schedule Change

To accommodate our weekly special events we will no longer be having open gym on fridays. Instead we will be having our weekly special events from 6 PM to 9 PM. See our schedule on the website for more details.


Between now and when we close we will be having classes as normal. We are bringing back the habit trackers for the final month for the students, so keep your eyes open for that. Also we are releasing our special event calendar for the month of October. 

Clients on Autopay

We will be running your final charge on the 5th of October. After the 5th of October we will cancel all autopays. For clients that have been getting charged on days of the month other than the 5th: we will charge only the amount necessary to finish your membership on the 5th of November. That amount will be charged on the 5th of October instead of your normal autopay date.

Questions or Comments?

I know it will be tough for many of the kids who love Stoic to hear the news. If you have any questions or comments in general you can call into the Stoic business line. You can also feel free to reach out to Torrey personally via his cell: 435-319-7401

Thanks again for being a part of the Stoic Family and for all of the experiences we’ve shared. We hope the Stoic spirit lives on in each one of you. We hope to see the legacy of Stoic continue on whether it is in the friendships you’ve garnered or in the way you face and overcome obstacles in your life. Keep playing, keep progressing, keep learning, and keep sharing with each other the knowledge and skills that you gain. The important thing is that you are moving your body, having fun, and progressing. 




Stoic Staff: Torrey, Jacob, Kamdan, and Jake