Our open gym programs are designed to bring people of similar interests together. Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays are themed to help build communities of like minded hobbyists. See the schedule here. Don’t worry though, if you just want to come jam on the tramp that is still allowed.



Open gym is all about freedom of expression and freedom to explore. Participants learn, progress, and play how they like in our 4000 square foot facility packed to the brim with acrobatic equipment including a spring floor, a bars area, Olympic trampoline and foam pit, wooden obstacles as well as acrobatic aids like large stackable foam blocks, impact cushions, throw mats, spring board, and more.




The environment is always brimming with energy owing to the fantastic sound system and vibrant community of participants. Our open gym attendants are red cross trained in first aid and also experienced in trampoline and parkour and never hesitate to give encouragement or tips to budding acrobats and first timers. Each day of the week has a different daily deal to help you save money – see the schedule here