Intermediate Parkour Class

Intermediate Parkour

The Intermediate Parkour class is designed to challenge and build upon the fundamentals learned in the Parkour Essentials class. In addition more strenuous conditioning, flexibility, and movements are taught in this class. Therefore these skills include even more acrobatic movements, vault variations, and difficult obstacle courses. Ninja warrior and gymnastics basics are also taught as these movements all have related skills. As a result, students begin to see a pattern of confidence, calmness, humility and increased strength and flexibility when practicing the Stoic Method at the intermediate level.

You can sign up by visiting the front desk or call:

(435) 268-2327

Intermediate Parkour Class Times

New to Parkour? Try Our Free Class!

During the free class, we go over the parkour basics and essentials. These movements include swings, landings, falls, jumping techniques, climbing techniques, vaults, spins, and flips. In addition, we also teach strength and flexibility training. In other words, all-around fitness, balance, hand-eye coordination, and air awareness can be achieved by attending parkour classes. For example, ninja warrior and gymnastics training go hand in hand with parkour because they share similar movements. Stoic teaches a little of everything! Most importantly all skill levels are welcome to join the free class