Please keep in mind minimum age limit is 6 and up for this class.

First time into Stoic Parkour Academy?

Or maybe you’ve only attended open gym? Guess what? We offer a free parkour class every Wednesday at 5pm! Anyone is welcome to join this free class. If you are a master in parkour or have no idea what you are doing, don’t worry! All skill levels and ages (6+) are welcome.

Who teaches the free parkour class?

Our coaches are certified and well trained on how to properly teach saftey as well as learn the parkour basics and essential movements. We house an amazing community of athletes and coaches.

What will you learn in the free class?

During the free class we go over the parkour basics and essentials. These movements include swings, landings, falls, jumping techniques, climbing techniques, vaults, spins, and flips.  We also teach strength and flexibility training. All around fitness, balance, hand eye coordination, and air awareness can be achieved through attending parkour classes.

Come in any Friday at 5:00 PM to try out our free class! Sign your child up for classes today or call us with any questions at (435) 268-2327