What Is Parkour?

Parkour is a form of movement that helps train the body how to overcome obstacles mentally and physically. It builds confidence and coordination.

What Do I Wear To The Gym?

If you are going to be training on the trampoline or foam pit areas, no shoes are allowed. No sharp objects such as belts or watches. Standard gym dress code will suffice such as shorts or sweat pants, (No Jeans) and a T-shirt or tank top are recommended. Shoes must be worn when training on the wooden parkour obstacles or the bar areas.

What Is A Good Parkour Shoe?

Shoes with less tread and sticky rubber on the sole are recommended. Lighter shoes with more padding are good for new athletes, please avoid shoes that have more than an inch or so of foam. Remember you want to be able to grip what you are standing on with your toes!

What Do I Need For My First Class?

Just a good pair of shoes and a positive attitude! Also please fill out the waiver form before coming to the gym or show up 10 minutes early to complete the sign up process. Our waiver can be filled out online by clicking Here

What Is Open Gym?

Open gym is a time for any skill level athlete to train and practice whatever they want in the gym. The entire gym is open and available. Open gym is monitored by a Stoic staff member to ensure safety.

What Can I Expect In Parkour Class?

First off, expect to have fun! We begin with a warm up and then move into the current lesson plan. We always end with conditioning, cool down, and stretching session. We have 3 different class levels.