Our Policies On COVID-19


Please Read Below To Fully Understand The Steps We've Taken To Protect Our Patrons

We at Stoic Parkour are committed to providing the safest environment for our members and students. We understand the danger that lurks about and are doing everything in our power to take preventative actions to reduce the risk to our facility, patrons, and students. We follow the CDC website closely and are watching how Washington County and Utah are both responding to the progression of the Virus.

Stoic Parkour Academy at this time remains open and will operate normally until further notice.

Double Cleaning & Disinfecting

Staff members will be sanitizing all surfaces, mats, pads, flooring, bars, and obstacles are sanitized throughout the day.

Limited Maximum Occupancy

We are only allowing up to 30 people into open gym at a time on a first come first serve basis to limit the amount of people in our facility. This will help avoid over crowded areas.


Customer Screening

If a child or patron is showing any symptoms or signs of being sick we will exercise our right to refuse service to anyone. We ask that all customers be honest with our staff.

Hand Sanitation

All participants are required to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands before participating in any Stoic program or activity. This is mandatory.

Please call or contact us with any questions or concerns

Call Us At (435) 268-2327 or E-mail Jeremy@stoicparkour.com